medini analyze - ISO 26262 integrated in a single tool

The application of ISO 26262, which has been published in November 2011, is mandatory for the analysis and development activities in the automotive domain.

medini analyze is our integrated tool which implements efficiently core activities of the functional safety analysis and integrates them with the existing processes. Target users are safety managers and experts as well as development engineers and quality managers involved in the development of electronic and software based components in the automotive industry.

medini analyze offers you:

  • an integrated solution for many of the ISO 26262 activities
  • standard compliant work with minimal effort
  • support from concept phase to production and operation
  • numerous interfaces to other tools of the engineering environment
  • automatic assurance of the consistency of work products
  • high degree of re-usability due to library, catalog and template mechanisms
  • automatic generation of the work products required by  ISO 26262
  • sophisticated support of assessments and reviewes

medini analyze is used by leading automotive OEMS and suppliers worldwide.

Please find details on product variants and license options here.